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From 2001

Ashlynn Ross Italia was born in May 2011

Italian and International site

Welcome on Ashlynn Ross Italia To discover the Ashlynn's Acting-Career


About The Staff

You might be wondering why I’ve decided to dedicate a website to Ashlynn Ross. Just a few words to explain it: The talents deserve to be appreciated. Ashlynn Ross is an artistic talent and this site will provide all my support and that of her fans.I believe in her and in her acting skills. follow me on Twitter and Fb-Page 


Founder of Ashlynn Ross Italy since 2011 (under official approval of the actress Ashlynn Ross). Curator of graphics on all channels, lover of Film, Art and music.  Portraitist for passion, with a degree in Literature and Philosophy faculty in the graduate program in Cultural Heritage. Aspiring art director in the areas of television, advertising and creative industries and critics and historians of the visual arts, fashion and communication.

“I’m part of this team to help Ilaria (aka Gemma) and the entire staff to promote the career of Ashlynn Ross. I’m so proud of her and I’m happy to be part of this incredible journey. The world deserves to know Ashlynn Ross!” follow me on Twitter 


Kristen lives in Louisiana, USA. Her animals all her life!  Ashlynn for her is not only a wonderful actress but a wonderful person and genuine! Ashlynn is a girl with down to earth and she is a lot of fun. They have great times together and she always makes her laugh. She support the career of Ashlynn, not only because she is her cousin but because she is very talented.


“Are you wondering why I decided to join the staff of this wonderful site, is easy to say: I also like my colleagues believe in formidable new talent in emerging and promising artists and Ashlynn Ross is fully part of this category!” follow me on Twitter 


Lorenza is an aspiring event organizer. She likes sports especially cycling, Art, Cinema, Music, Theatre and Fashion. She loves to travel a lot to know new places and come into contact with other cultures, reading and writing.


I like to discover new talents and Ashlynn is definitely one of them. We will live together with you users and the sweet Ashlynn a wonderful adventure! follow me on Twitter 


Simona is a university student. She has many passions including reading and movies that fill her life.
She devoted himself to writing and likes to wander around on the web to catch up and learn new things, in fact, its current “mission” is to help Ila on this site.

“The influence of ila and the other girls took me to find out how much ashlynn is special as a person and in her career. I am proud to be part of this team!” 


Silvia wil be soon a neuroscientist, is the shadow of Ilaria. It works incognito on all channels when necessary. You do not see her, but she exists. Her role here has allowed her to get to know Ashlynn Ross and find out how she is deeply tied into.


In the World of Ashlynn

Notes on Forgiveness
The Iceman
Seconds from Disaster: Tornado Outbreak
The Last Exorcism II
Fab Five Cheerleader Scandal
The Yellow Handkerchief
Dylan Dog
Red- Carpets and Events

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Ashlynn Ross in The Iceman's Movie

The Iceman Trailer Here

Ashlynn Ross plays the role of Alex in The Iceman. Her performance is great next to James Franco and Michael Shannon. Do not miss your chance to see this film, one of the best of the year!



Ashlynn is a determined girl, is climbing its summit to reach the top with a lot of determination and commitment. In her dedication shines ever felt before and an approach in the field of acting entirely true and transparent like a childhood dream.