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Ashlynn Ross Italia’s History

I can not believe it’s already been so long since I’ve “known” Ashlynn Ross. It ‘was in 2009:

I got to know virtually Ashlynn, my visual memory told me that I had already seen her somewhere, surely a familiar face that I had hidden in the “ram” of my brain and that i trying to remember, suddenly like a flash of genius, my little head was lighting:

that pretty face with big blue eyes and blond hair brought to my mind a movie that gave him that summer on Sky about the Cheerleader (I am talking about the Fab Five). I had the memory of that recently film   as was recently  The Yellow Handkerchief (but I did not realize fully that she was in that film. She was like a presence that I could not identify but knew that she is there).

Ashlynn and I had not got to talk a lot, but  who know me well know that, usually I always leave my usual, typical “business card” =) a way to say “hello! was a pleasure to meet you “,  so that I left my drawing (rather scribble! because if I look this now I can only say that I could commit myself to more  Lol). Despite the result the elaborate graphics … XD her “aaaaaaaaw, awesome” literally made ​​me happy =) I’ve become her fan = D and after this stage, I had the feeling that we will be met again.

And so it happened: Ashlynn landed on Twitter. At first I did not recognize her right away, because I remembered blonde … (Sorry Ash! The truth and that I did not realize that your natural hair color was brown! Aahhahaha) but the blue eyes were still the same. =] The biggest news was the realization that she was working for Breaking Dawn and all this made ​​me even happier considering that I ran from 2009/10 a small site dedicated to the Saga, and I was and have always been a twilighter. So I contacted her a few times (I saw in her that special talent that few have and I think that  need to emerge and be recognized) I always tried to communicate with her via twitter  until I decided to dedicate this site that she decided to approve (for me it was a great joy!) site from which I am currently writing, a site that allowed me to discover a versatile Ashlynn, from thousands quality, with more talents that are enclosed in one and only great ambition: the desire in her big blue eyes could be a excellent actress in the life  and  can make about this dream and passion her life’s work. (I always think that if you live for passion and for what you love, you feel more motivated and better lives) But I also discovered Ashlynn with a big heart and personality and a unique and special Ashlynn gave me the knowledge of other wonderful people like Kristen (her cousin and also member of this site).Here are contained all the answers that many want to hear: no more questions about why i decided to found this site, and especially about why i decided to create it specifically for Ashlynn Ross. Perhaps there is a comprehensive answer to all this: nobody will have to ask me with a “Why” when Ashlynn will become important, much less will have a way to ask  at this time because for me she is already important and already shines like a star. “

***sorry for english ***