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Ashlynn Ross will be to The Iceman Screening at New Orleans Film Festival!

On 18 October there will be a screening of The Iceman to the New Orleans Film Festival, a film that will be screened in the United States and around the World May 3, 2013.

But the great news and that in New Orleans will be also Ashlynn Ross! =) If you live there, you want to see the movie and meet Ashlynn to the  Festival (which will run for eight days: from 11 to 18 October) this is the right opportunity for you!  If I were not born in Italy I would have catapulted myself directly there that day! So you do not miss! Because Ashlynn become BIG very soon and you can say you have meet her!


About to the presence of other members of the cast does not have news yet but I will notify you as soon as possible! As always, we remind you that Ashlynn in the film plays the role of Alex and has aawesome scene with James Franco and Michael Shannon!

“The Iceman,” filmed partly in Shreveport and directed by Ariel Vroman, will close out the festival on Oct. 18, with a 9:30 p.m. screening at the Prytania Theatre.

It stars Michael Shannon, James Franco, Chris Evans, Benicio del Toro, and Winona Ryder and tells the true story of notorious contract killer and family man Richard Kuklinski.

“The Iceman” will be preceded at 7:30 on closing night by the local premiere of the Sundance-decorated “The Sessions,” starring Helen Hunt and John Hawkes.

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*** We of the Staff will try once again to make a liveblogging or a possible interview with Ashlynn Ross. does not promise you anything, but we will make an attempt  ***